We know you will love working with us as much as we love working with you, our customers. We put so much time and effort into making your experience with A&A an enjoyable one. We are not always perfect, but at the end of the day we will deliver what we promise! But don't take our word for it — check out the testimonials below from our customers, and see for yourself!

“We hired A & A Masonry without having any prior knowledge of the company. After receiving several quotes from other companies, we spoke with John McCutcheon about work that needed to be done on our veranda. John actually came out to see us within an hour of contacting the company.

The veranda and steps were basically in good condition but bricks were starting to crumble and the concrete pad was broken. John suggested resurfacing the top of the veranda and the steps and building a new concrete pad, as well as replacing all the crumbling bricks. A week later, Brayton and Daniel started working – unfortunately they had to work in that 4 day heat wave, that was enough to sap anybody’s energy. Brayton listened to all our concerns and worked with us to complete the job promptly and efficiently.

The cleanup was excellent – thanks guys and we would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending A & A Masonry to anyone. If we need any work done in the future, we know who to call.” ~ H. & A. in Etobicoke

“A&A Masonry saved our front entrance. Our front entrance walkway pad and staircase were in a mess. This was due to a previous coating of thin stamped concrete that didn’t last more than 3 years before it started to chip and flake. We had been conned a number of years back by a guy who sold us on this stamped look, except it didn’t last. It was too thin a coating we found out over time. On May 24 weekend I rented a medium sized electric Power Chisel and within 4 hours had the entire pad area cleared and all the entrance area and anything that would come off the steps as well.

Now our challenge was to find a new coating that could go over the bare cement areas as well as the areas of the old coating that wouldn’t come off. It was extremely important that this next coating be right and last for a long time through harsh winters and extremely hot summers at times here in Toronto. I did extensive research on the Web and found many options that sounded right. A particular process and material that did catch my eye was called “Rubaroc”. It had Canadian Authorized dealers so I contacted the one for my area here in Etobicoke; A&A Masonry. I was told someone would call me from the sales department to arrange to come over to my home to review the job required. I think it was the very same afternoon I received a phone call from a man named “Dan” and we set up a time to visit my home the next day and review the job scope. We reviewed all the details of the materials, life expectancy, maintenance, repair if ever required etc. This material I realized I had seen many times around pools at hotels during my and my wife’s travels. After a couple of minor adjustments to the quote I was confident we had the right process and material that would cover all our surfaces and revitalize our badly needed entrance.

Another very important detail in our negotiation was that A&A Masonry didn’t want any payment whatsoever until we were happy with the final product. This showed me their utmost confidence in their product and people doing their work. It was a timing game with the weather for this product and process and our time came with a phone call and later that day the crew Matt, Paul, and a helper I’m sorry I have forgotten his name arrived. We quickly reviewed the job and let the guys go at it. They knew what they had to do and got right down to business with the layout of our highlight area around the front of the walkway pad, applying the bonding agent, and mixing up their first batch of material for application. Later that afternoon “Dan” showed up to see how things were going and touch base with the guys. The day was HOT and they motored on while my wife and I continuously checked to see if they needed anything to drink; water, pop, juices.

Later we decided that they had been at the work long enough that we felt we should get them something to eat; so we got them a couple pizzas. These guys were great! They got the job done that day right about dusk and just in time to clean up everything. No discussions about money were brought up by them at all. A couple of days later we received a follow up phone call from “Dan” to arrange a time to come over and see the final product and how it all turned out. We met a day or so later and told him how beautiful it all turned out and we couldn’t have picked a better company or product for our application.

Our entrance and front of our house have been totally changed for the better!!

Thank You Very Much Darren, Dan, Matt, Paul and Helper and All at A&A Masonry.” ~ J.H. in Etobicoke

“A&A Masonry is a company that treated our house as they would their own home. We had A&A Masonry replace our chimney, apply “Rubaroc” to our veranda floor and build a concrete foundation for our new shed. There was a professional attitude and a genuine desire to provide superior customer service demonstrated by every member of this company with whom we dealt. The work was completed on time and at the quoted costs. There were no hidden fees or bumps in costs. All results were extremely satisfactory and the “Rubaroc” provided a stunning solution to a long surface crack in the concrete floor of our veranda. The cleanup was spotless.

There are several companies who offer services similar to A&A Masonry. I have had work done by others, and before finding Homestars and A&A Masonry, previously made the wrong choices. Sometimes I was seeking lower prices, and sometimes it was that I believed in promises that were not met. The results were projects that extended long beyond deadlines and a chimney that A & A had to replace 4 years after it had been improperly repaired by others.

As A&A Masonry has several teams of employees, the following are the personnel who serviced us in Mississauga. John, our Sales Representative, patiently guided us through our cost alternatives and ensured that we clearly understood them. There was no pushiness or hard sell, but an honest desire to provide durable solutions within our budget. Darren developed the project plan and supervised its implementation. Corrine provided office support. Brayton, Daniel and Horatio were our incredible installers.

What strongly impressed me about A&A Masonry?

After Service – John, our Sales Representative, came by after the job was finished, to deliver some extra Rubaroc. This was to ensure that if a repair was ever needed, the material would be of the same production batch to ensure an exact colour match.

Quality – Darren refused a delivery of concrete on site at an additional cost of $400 to the company, rather than pour the concrete in less than optimum weather conditions.

Availability – John and Darren were very responsive to inquiries. If they were consulting with a customer and unavailable, a call to Corrine shortly resulted in a reply to the inquiry from another staff member. (If you have ever dealt with a company that only has an answering machine, you will truly appreciate Corrine’s services, and John and Darren’s quick response).

Professionalism – Brayton, Daniel and Horatio are truly craftsmen who take pride in the quality of their work, paying great attention to detail and who are willing to work hard to ensure the customer is happy with the results. When they worked on the veranda, they were unwilling to leave until it was finished and asked to borrow work lights to complete the task. Then, I had to literally insist that they leave because they wanted to clean up the site before going, despite it being very late and even though they were coming back the next morning. Brayton came on a Saturday to fix a tiny blemish which was not visible unless the light shone on it in a certain way.

Thank you A&A Masonry. You are a company for which “quality”, “professionalism” and “customer services” are not marketing buzzwords, but promises that you keep.” ~ J.M. in Mississauga