Concrete Resurfacing


Rubberized resurfacing is done with a material made up of rubber granules mixed with high-tech polymer resins and applied by our professional installers to a uniform thickness over many different surfaces such as concrete, asphalt, interlock brick, wood, steel, aluminium, tile or compacted gravel. Many colours can be obtained, either solid colours or various combinations of granules to create some spectacular results!
Once it is cured, it provides a non-skid, high-traction, durable and great looking surface.

There are a number of advantages of using rubberized resurfacing:
• lower cost than removing and replacing existing concrete or other surfaces
• non-skid surface even when wet — ideal for pool surrounds
• very durable — virtually indestructible
• expands and contracts with temperature changes and ground movement
• proven to cope with the harshest environments, from severe winters to scorching deserts
• cooler to the touch than concrete and asphalt
• stain resistant and easy to clean using regular soap and water
• can be applied to angular surfaces, such as coping around a pool or stair faces
• UV stable — will maintain its full colour for many years
• 10-year warranty on materials and installation

Rubberized resurfacing is perfect for your pool decks, driveways, porch steps and any kind of floor you can imagine! It also comes in many different colours with the ability to inlay a graphic or a logo.

Once applied and cured, rubberized surfacing is virtually indestructible, skid-resistant, resilient and cooler than concrete or asphalt. Not only is it easy to maintain and clean, it looks fantastic!

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